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Server Features

Post by TheRaiser[PM] on Wed Jan 27, 2016 4:53 am

Welcome to Raiser Eudemon Online

* High Rate Drop RaiserCard EP
* Raiser Eudemon Online Asia Private Server
* New Compose Rate (2xcompose 1 star)
* High Rate Autorate EP : 800EP and 1600PP (VIP 7 1800EP and 3500PP)
* New Auto EP and PP 1 time (Kill 1 monster direct EP and PP)
* EO Cards dropes all monster (2700EP)
* New Gear and Weapon with element +150 in Quest
* Legion War and PK Tournament is Working Perfectly
* Custom Voting NPC System With Claim Reward
* New Mounts & Pets Are Available
* New Custom Events and Quest
* New Profession : Reaper (shadowknight)
* All users start with VIP level 4

*Lottery system (70% Chance Gear+255)
*Lottery system (60% Chance GodSkill/GodItems)
*Super +255 Gears with Full +255 Elements

* +20 Full Socketed Gears available at Shopping Mall
* Max Summon - 4 Eudemons and will be updated

* Server always update..

Best Regards,

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Re: Server Features

Post by Nothing1 on Wed Mar 16, 2016 5:50 pm

i need join this game and Rigester have problem on Site


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